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Why You Didn’t Get High after Smoking Weed for the First Time

Few experiences can match the excitement of preparing to smoke weed for the first time. Anticipation is at an all-time high as many can’t wait to get their cannabis journey started. The experience for lots of users, however, ends up being a bit underwhelming and not as imagined. Many anticipate getting a high that seemingly doesn’t come. If you’re one of those users, there’s no need to worry; there are several reasons why you may not have gotten that high you wanted after your first time smoking weed.  

You Didn’t Know You Were High

We all have our perceptions of getting high and what that feels like, but we don’t know what it’s actually like until we’ve done it. Many users imagine getting high as this lively experience where your emotions are flowing outwardly with ease and a noticeable change in physical feeling. However, when the time comes to smoke for the first time and things don’t happen as imagined, users may believe that they didn’t get stoned because they didn’t feel it. In reality, they may have gotten high, but not even realized it because it was more subtle than they anticipated. 

Your Brain Doesn’t Know What To Do With Cannabis

As with many new things, your body and brain need time to get used to cannabis. When you smoke weed for the first time, your brain may not know what to do with this new compound that it is being exposed to, and therefore needs more time to adjust to it. This may minimize the effects of cannabis and make it seem like you weren’t able to achieve a high. The solution to this issue is simply to get your body and brain accustomed to cannabis by taking consistent doses or hits. Doing this will help your body be more receptive to the effects of marijuana. 

You Smoked It Incorrectly

There’s no shame in getting something wrong the first time you try it. Many new users will mistakenly cough out the smoke they’ve just inhaled, meaning the THC never reaches their bloodstream and doesn’t make it to their brain. This could be a possible explanation for why you’re not feeling the effects of cannabis. As it is something new that you’re trying out, it’ll take time and practice to get it right, which is perfectly fine. The next time you have a smoke session, slowly take a deep breath after you have inhaled that smoke or vape into your mouth. This will get the THC smoke in your lungs and bloodstream, where it will then make its way to your brain, triggering the desired effects. 

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