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We started growing in a 10×10 warehouse as a hobby. Soon our hobby turned into a passion and our plants began to flourish. We created Lucky Farms to provide consumers with a safe and consistent way to enjoy their high. We take pride in our product and we focus on maintaining sanitary, pesticide-free environments to be able to harvest a premium product.

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Lucky Farms selects the most premium flower to offer to our customers. All exotic and private reserve selections are hand-picked to offer the best smoking experience possible.


We work with the top CBD manufacturer in the business to bring the highest quality and potency products to our customers


Lucky Farms selects the best manufacturers of quality cannabis edibles to ensure our customers fine selection and high strength options.


Lucky Farms manufactures premium Shatter cartridges in-house, made from our very own in house concentrates.

Premium Joints

Lucky Farms rolls high potency premium joints out of exotic strain-specific buds. Fantastic taste and great high come with our Premium Joints.


Our Concentrates are made in-house by utilizing frozen trim and small buds to create a clean and terpy flavor. Our team has a passion for creating these works of art.


We source the best possible batteries and extras to get the job done for our customers.


Solidify your spot in our rotation by copping our unique gear. T-Shirts and Hats designed with Lucky Farms Family in mind.

Our Methods

Our plants are grown indoors using hydroponic systems, high-quality indoor lighting, quality nutrients, and in a controlled CO2 atmosphere. Our rooms are completely sealed allowing us to fully control every aspect of the plant’s development. Our climate controlled rooms provide the perfect environment for our plants to thrive in and it is through this method that we’re able to produce medicine of the highest quality. All of our medical cannabis products are lab-tested for safety and potency, hand trimmed to perfection and packed in a resealable pop top canisters and all backed by a 100% guarantee.

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Premium Cannabis

California’s finest cannabis, delivered to you.

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Lucky Farms delivers daily, getting you product sooner.

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Our team is available to help you find the perfect product.

Our Guarantee

We know and understand that you have many choices from which you may obtain products and marijuana delivery services. Lucky Farms offers a 72 hour return policy. If for ANY reason you are dissatisfied with a product, you may return your product and we’ll give you a refund*. All merchandise products are final sale. *20% Return Fee on all Returned Orders.

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