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Why Weed Makes You Anxious – and What You Can Do About It

If you’ve heard friends rave about the benefits of marijuana, only to have a negative experience with it yourself, you’re far from alone.

Not all weed is created equally. Different cannabinoids, terpenes and methods of consuming cannabis can all impact your experience.

If you’re concerned about weed, including feelings of anxiety, here are five important things to know about.

Balancing CBD and THC

If you’ve shared a joint with someone who isn’t prone to anxiety, there’s a good chance the strain you tried was high in THC. Regular cannabis users tend to prefer more elevated levels of THC as it’s the cannabinoid that gets you high. Because it is stimulating, THC can also increase feelings of anxiety in some.

If smoking weed has made you anxious before, look for strains with lower levels of THC and higher levels of CBD. CBD is the cannabinoid that brings you “down” and is associated with feelings of relief and relaxation. When combined with THC, CBD helps to counteract the anxiety-inducing effect that THC can have on some people.

Learn the Different Strains

After cannabinoids, terpenes are the second-most important factor in choosing a strain of marijuana. Terpenes are the compounds that determine how your weed will taste and smell.

If certain aromas don’t appeal to you, then strains that contain those aromas are more likely to make you anxious.

The opposite is also true. For example, many people find strains that contain linalool (a terpene also found in lavender) to have a relaxing effect.

Not sure which terpene profile is best for you? Your marijuana home delivery service can help you pick out a strain that tends to ease feelings of anxiety.

Steer Clear of Edibles

Edibles are less predictable than other cannabis products. You can’t control when they’ll hit, how high they’ll get you or how long they’ll last.

All of these factors can increase feelings of anxiety. You don’t need to avoid them forever, but figuring out your tolerance levels through smoking or vaping helps you know your limits before you delve into edibles.

Try Out Indica

Sativa-dominant strains are more energizing and stimulating, which can make you feel nervous or on-edge.

In contrast, indica strains are known to slow you down and make you sleepy. For this reason, indica is more likely to make you feel relaxed and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Things to Try if Weed has Already Made You Anxious

If you’ve smoked weed and are feeling anxious, try to remove yourself from stressful and overwhelming circumstances that could exacerbate those nervous feelings. Getting into a quiet space away from chaos and noise can help.

You can also counteract the stimulating effects of THC by consuming a product with CBD. Because it’s so good at blocking THC, taking some drops of a CBD tincture can provide relief.

If you’re concerned about cannabis causing feelings of anxiety, our marijuana delivery team at Lucky Farms is more than happy to help you find a strain that works for you. We’re passionate and knowledgeable about the therapeutic benefits of marijuana and love helping our customers find the perfect cannabis solution for their unique needs through our industry-leading marijuana home delivery services. Call us at (714) 888-5150 or visit us online to place your first order and experience our discreet cannabis delivery today.


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