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What to Know about Cannabis Shake

When shopping for cannabis flower, users have many choices to consider. There are numerous flower options out there, each varying in quality. For those running on a tight budget, cannabis shake is a viable, affordable option for users not looking to spend too much on flower. But what exactly is cannabis shake and how does it differ from other flower options? Here’s everything you need to know about cannabis shake. 

Where Cannabis Shake Can Be Found

Shake is cannabis flower that has been broken down into smaller bits. They’re leftover pieces that can often be found at the bottom of a nug jar. Users can usually find cannabis shake in pre-roll products offered by dispensaries. However, it should be noted that the quality of the cannabis shake can often vary, depending on the source. Some dispensaries will use low-quality material that isn’t potent or flavorful, giving cannabis users a hard time finding high-quality cannabis shake to achieve a pleasant smoking experience. 

Finding High-Quality Shake

Users can still find good shake if they know what to look for, despite the many cannabis shake options out there that offer a less-than-enjoyable experience. Shake that originates from a cannabis strain with a high concentration of trichomes can produce an experience that rivals the bud itself. Cannabis shoppers should also be on the lookout for cannabis shake that is too dry or moist. Shake that is too moist will invite mold growth, while cannabis that is too dry will lack flavor. 

Is Weed Shake the Right Option?

Cannabis shake isn’t for everyone. Those wanting to ensure a quality cannabis experience should probably look toward more potent options. The same can be said for those who enjoy marijuana for medicinal purposes and need a certain strain to experience its benefits. 

However, those seeking a more cost-effective product that can still provide a good high should seriously consider cannabis shake. Cannabis shake can also be used to help make marijuana-infused products like edibles and drinks. Users can further save costs by incorporating cannabis shake as an ingredient when making their own cannabis-infused foods and drinks. 

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