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What is a Weed Tolerance Break and How to Take One

Cannabis has many benefits, ranging from holistic properties to enhancing experiences. However, you may reach a point in your weed experience where you have a higher tolerance than you’d like or prefer. Some consumers also report feeling diminished benefits or effects of cannabis after extended use, even when rotating strains. While certainly not easy, a T-Break can help you reset your tolerance to a point you are comfortable with. Here’s everything you need to know about tolerance breaks and how to take one.

What Does a Weed Tolerance Break Entail

Those who have been using marijuana for quite some time may have noticed that it takes a bit more cannabis to achieve a high than before. Through continued cannabis use, your body will build a tolerance to THC and other cannabinoids like CBD as well. A tolerance break can help remedy this issue. By giving your body a break from cannabis, you can lower your tolerance and reduce the amount of marijuana needed to produce a high. This can help users save money as they will no longer need to buy a large amount of cannabis to achieve the desired effect.

Steps to Taking a Tolerance Break (T-Break)

  • Establish a Set Goal: Before taking your tolerance break, set a marker for how long your break will last. Everyone’s body works differently and no two reactions to cannabis are the same. Some will require multiple weeks away from cannabis to completely cleanse themselves and lower their tolerance, while others will just need a few days. Whatever your situation is, establish the amount of time you plan to spend without marijuana.
  • Get Rid of Your Cannabis: Having cannabis readily available will make taking a tolerance break a difficult task. Remove any cannabis products before your tolerance break so you don’t find yourself tempted to use them. It’s also helpful to clean any areas where you’ve used marijuana. Clearing these areas of any scent of cannabis will make it easier to keep it out of mind.
  • Stay Busy: Stay active and busy during your weed tolerance break. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle during this period will help flush out any cannabis remnants in your body. Activities like exercising and drinking water are not only encouraged because they’ll help lower your tolerance but also because they’ll keep you focused on other tasks besides using marijuana. 
  • Maintain Your Resolve: Your t-break will undoubtedly be a difficult time for you. Users will feel tempted to cut their break short and use cannabis. Ultimately, you must remember the goal that you’ve set for yourself and the reward that comes with it if you follow through. 

The Effects of a Cannabis Tolerance Break

It’s important to know what you’re getting into before you take your tolerance break. What makes taking a break from cannabis a challenging experience isn’t just the cravings that you’ll have, it’s also the effect it has on your mind and body. Don’t be surprised if you feel more upset than usual. Frequent cannabis users are more likely to experience negative changes to their moods. Taking a tolerance break can also lead to a loss of appetite and sleeping issues for cannabis users. While all of these issues are undoubtedly tough to go through, the result is more than worth it. Users can improve their cannabis experience while saving money at the same time. 

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