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Tips to Prevent Your Joint from Canoeing

If you’re an experienced cannabis user, you’ve likely had your session disrupted by a canoeing joint. A canoed joint is when one part of the joint burns at a quicker rate than the other. This will make your joint resemble the look of a canoe and compromise its integrity. Such an occurrence can make smoking a joint much more difficult, if not impossible, and ruin one’s cannabis experience. Users can stop all of this from happening by taking the right steps and measuring during the smoking process. Here are some tips for preventing your joint from canoeing. 

Correctly Roll It

One of the first steps to preventing a canoed joint is ensuring that it is properly rolled. Even one mistake during this process can cause a canoe to occur. That’s why it’s important to get each stage of the rolling process done correctly. Make sure that there is even distribution of your weed throughout the joint, and avoid mistakes like improperly sealing your joint or getting your paper too wet. Accomplish all of this and you’ll end up with a properly rolled joint and drastically reduce the chances of canoeing. 

Light It Properly

Although helpful, a correctly rolled joint won’t entirely prevent canoeing from occurring. Uneven lighting is one of the most common causes of canoeing. Users still need to ensure that they evenly light their joint or else risk ruining their smoke session. Doing so entails holding your joint straight while you light it and rotating it until the entire front of it is evenly lit. Ultimately, not lighting your joint evenly or rotating it properly during the process will increase the likelihood of a canoed joint. 

Be Diligent 

You may feel like your work is done after you have rolled and lit your joint; however, this isn’t the case. Canoes can still arise at any point and put a stop to your smoking session. This is why you must remain vigilant and on alert for any signs of canoeing. The process for checking such signs is not that difficult and won’t be much of a disturbance. Between puffs, simply take a look at your joint and examine if it is turning or losing its integrity. 

Make Fixes 

If an issue does come up while you’re smoking your joint, you need to be ready to make the necessary fixes to ensure that no canoeing occurs. Users should always have a lighter nearby just in case they need to relight their joint and prevent the canoe. Another potential fix is cutting off the extra length of paper that is present. Users tend to do both solutions when fixing their joints. 

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