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The Top Four Ways to Smoke Wax Without a Dab Rig

Smoking dab, a highly-concentrated form of butane hash oil, is one of the quickest ways to get really high. Wax can have a concentration of up to 80 percent THC – compare that to the 10 or 14 percent in joints, and you’ll get an idea of how hard dab will hit you.

Wax is mainly consumed using a dab rig, but you don’t need one to enjoy it. Here are four ways to smoke wax when you don’t have a dab rig available.

Use a Bowl

Halfway through packing your bowl, drop some dab onto the weed. Then, finish filling the bowl and enjoy.

You’ll want to make sure the wax is placed in the middle of your weed because an open flame will degrade the quality of your dab. The halfway method will light a cherry that burns the wax without destroying it. 

Roll Wax Into a Joint

Similar to using dab in a bowl, you can easily add wax to a joint. After rolling out your paper, spread out your flower like usual. Depending on the type of wax you have, you can either crumble it over your weed or roll it into a long piece you can place in the middle of the joint. 

Rolling the joint can be a bit more challenging – wax is sticky, after all. Take your time, and you’ll get an incredible high from the results.

Grab Your Vape Pen

If you’re preferred consumption method is vaping, try adding dab to your pen. To add your own wax to a vape pen, you’ll need a pen that comes with a detachable atomizer.

Once you’ve got your pen, add a small amount of wax onto a metal dabber. Disconnect your atomizer, then add the dab to the unheated coil. 

Turn on your pen’s battery chamber, then connect the atomizer. Finally, attach your mouthpiece and enjoy, making sure to inhale slowly to get the best results.

Use Your Bong Like a Dab Rig

If you own a smaller bong (under 15 inches), you can use it in place of a dab rig. Using your bong is a great DIY when you don’t have access to a dab rig.

You might need to invest in a male-jointed or universal dab nail, as most bongs are female-jointed. You’ll also want to avoid using a bong with a percolator, as these can negatively affect the flavor of your extract. 

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