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The Difference Between a Head High and a Body High

The world of cannabis can be a bit overwhelming especially if you’re a newer user. There’s a lot of information and terminology to process which makes it completely understandable for someone new to marijuana to not be aware of insider knowledge like the differences between head and body high. For those unfamiliar with the various different highs, here’s a quick primer on how a head high differs from a body one. 

Head High

In the cannabis world, Indica and Sativa are two types of marijuana that produce completely different physiological effects. For those looking for a good head high, Sativa strains are generally the choice to generate such a reaction because of their high THC levels. The effects of a head high are usually euphoric and users often have feelings of happiness and a sense of energy. People in need of mood lifts or are looking to enhance social experiences prefer head highs because of their effects. A negative aspect of head highs is that they could exacerbate feelings of anxiety and paranoia. If you’re a person who has trouble with these kinds of thoughts, other strains like Indica may be more appropriate for you.

Body High

Those who desire a body high will consume Indica strains. People who have experienced body highs say that they often have feelings of relaxation, tranquility, and even sleepiness. It should be said though that newer users should be careful not to get too strong of a body high or you might begin to feel heavy and sluggish. If it starts feeling too difficult to move and evolves into paralysis, then something has obviously gone wrong.

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