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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Shop for CBD on Amazon

The increasing popularity and mainstream emergence of CBD have encouraged many companies to get involved in the business of selling marijuana products. With the vast amount of sellers and options available, it can be difficult for CBD users, particularly those who are inexperienced, to know where to shop for their products. Many newer users often try shopping for cannabis at Amazon because it is a recognizable brand that is reliable for other products. However, doing so is a mistake that could lessen your experience with CBD. Here’s why you shouldn’t shop for CBD on Amazon.

Lack of Oversight and Regulation

While Amazon does have some rules and regulations like their ban on CBD oil, there persists a lack of strong oversight and monitoring of cannabis products listed on their platform. This can lead to a variety of issues like rebranded and repackaged candy products. Some companies will take well-known branded candy like Sour Patch Kids and dose them with CBD oil. When you use Amazon for your cannabis shopping, you never quite know what you’re going to get. This isn’t the case with Lucky Farms. Every item that we offer on our online store is of the highest quality and comes from a reputable and trustworthy source. 

CBD Oil Isn’t Allowed on Amazon

As per their policy, Amazon does not allow any CBD oil to be sold on their platform. Because CBD oil is prohibited, items containing it as an ingredient will not be found on Amazon. This limit dramatically lowers the number of cannabis products that you can find on the platform meaning that there are fewer options for you to choose from. Don’t limit yourself to what is available on Amazon. Shop at Lucky Farms instead, where we offer an extensive and diverse lineup of CBD products.

Misleading Products

Those who decide to search for CBD oil on Amazon will instead find many products with hemp seed oil, hemp oil, or hemp extract listed as an ingredient. This can be a bit confusing for newer users who may be unfamiliar with these terms. While these products may try to lead you to believe that they have CBD oil within them, this isn’t the truth. Products with hemp seed oil as an ingredient do not contain cannabidiol. Meanwhile, those that list hemp extract and hemp oil do contain CBD oil. Hemp oil and extract are different terms for CBD oil. This speaks to a larger issue on Amazon with mislabeled and misleading products from its sellers who aren’t being truthful with customers. As a cannabis shopper on Amazon, you always have to be on the lookout for products that aren’t as they seem to be.


Help yourself stay productive with world-class marijuana products. At Lucky Farms, our lineup features stellar cannabis products that are the best the industry has to offer. We’ve accomplished this attainment by locally growing our products in a controlled environment using the latest technologies to ensure their safety, potency, and quality. To experience everything that Lucky Farms has to offer, visit our online store or call our customer support at (714) 888-5150 for more information. With our convenient cannabis delivery service, excellent marijuana products are just one phone call away.

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