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Our Story

As with anything in life, our vision started small. Our seed was planted in a minute 10 x 10 warehouse room, and was nothing more than a mere hobby. It was like having a shiny new toy; something we always looked forward to playing with in the garden after work. Our small seed grew into a tree of passion – larger than we could have ever anticipated.


We were on a mission to explore just how perfect an atmosphere we could create for our naturally exquisite plants. Many strains globally claim to do this, that and more without any form of consistency. We saw the need and heard the call to grow with enhanced consistency, using the SAME nutrients in the SAME atmosphere, crafting the perfect product people want and need.


No matter what YouTube video you watch, or what book you read when it comes to growing marijuana, there are always different variables when it comes to growing in an indoor environment. We worked effortlessly, growing season after season after season, on a mission to isolate the exact properties the plants need to grow and produce the most effective, potent grade of cannabis known to man.


When we first started, there was always something holding us back. The temperature was too hot. The lights were too low. The water was too warm. It seemed never-ending. But we never gave up! We continued to adjust, awaited results, and ultimately acknowledged the most favorable outcomes. We even lost several crops owing to equipment failure, lack of attention and even human error. But we never, ever stopped moving forward. We communicated with others who had similar interests by attending trade shows, chatting to our supply house and more – all on a mission to become master growers in our trade.


And so, the seasons went by, and we continued to provide unblemished care to our “girls” … from dusk till dawn and back again. Today, we are a family, taking great pride in the products we produce. We approach things differently; offering something that undergoes a unique care process. We shift the focus to a sanitary, pesticide-free environment. That’s how we’re able to harvest a premium product that continues to go unmatched in quality.


That’s how Lucky Farms was born – connecting our valued patients to a safe, consistent way of getting the most out of every high. We have now structured the perfect system, tending to our plants daily. We monitor every little detail, from temperature to humidity, cO2 levels, light intensity…and that’s just the tip of our iceberg. Our unique growing methodology has evolved into a trusted technique that radiates precision, accuracy and much sought-after consistency.


We learnt from our mistakes. After multiple lost crops and errors, we truly learned how to overcome all obstacles on our path to growing the strains of marijuana people seek. We take great pride in growing this incredible plant, having taken many risks and defying prohibition – for you! While all our strains are grown in the same, superior way, our award-winning Lucky Berry Kush remains a personal favorite of ours AND our patients. It’s naturally sweet aroma, fruity taste and euphoric high never fail to amaze our patients.

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