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Four Important Facts About Marijuana Home Delivery in California

Ordering marijuana home delivery is an easy, discreet way to access your favorite cannabis products. If you’re used to going to an in-person dispensary or are new to cannabis entirely, it’s common to have a few questions. Read on for the four most important facts about cannabis delivery in California.

The Legal Status of Cannabis in California

In 1996, California became the first state to legalize marijuana – but only for medical usage. Twenty years later, the state became the third to legalize recreational cannabis, following Washington and Colorado.

The legal status of cannabis has allowed for better regulation and, consequently, safer cannabis consumption. Safe, high-quality weed is now easily accessible in most of California’s major and minor cities.

Cannabis Delivery Laws 

Registered California dispensaries can legally provide marijuana delivery services. While there are no restrictions that apply specifically to cannabis delivery, mobile dispensaries have to abide by California laws that limit the sale and consumption of marijuana.

For example, California residents must limit their purchases to eight grams of concentrated cannabis products and six immature cannabis plants daily. These limitations have been set to prevent accidental overconsumption and street sales. 

Marijuana Delivery Fees & ID Checks

Like any other online delivery service, some dispensaries will charge a fee for delivery. However, they should make the delivery fee clear when you place an order.

You will also be required to provide a legal form of identification when your delivery driver arrives. Marijuana delivery is restricted to those 21 and over – without your ID, your driver will not be allowed to fulfill your order.

How to Verify if a Weed Delivery Service is Legal

While the purchase and sale of marijuana have been legal for years, black market sales still occur. Illegal cannabis is incredibly dangerous, as it has not been regulated for safety, purity or potency. 

To make sure you’re ordering from a legal, reliable marijuana home delivery service, check their credentials. A legal dispensary should be regulated by the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BBC), the Department of Public Health and the Department of Food and Agriculture.

Lastly, a good cannabis delivery company will have their products third-party tested. At Lucky Farms, every product we sell meets the industry’s highest safety and quality standards. 

We’re proud to provide Southern California with the best organic cannabis possible. When you place an order from Lucky Farms, you can rest assured that you’ll get safe, premium marijuana every time. For more information about our marijuana delivery service, contact us online or call (714) 888-5150 today.

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