The Five Most Important Things You Need to Know About Weed Vape Cartridges

Not all methods of consuming marijuana are alike. In fact, the way you choose to enjoy cannabis can make a huge difference in your experience. Marijuana vape pens don’t come to mind as quickly as joints or edibles, and many avoid them for lack of understanding.

However, consuming marijuana through a vape pen has many unique benefits you don’t get with other methods. If you’re looking to try vaping for the first time, here are the five most important things to note before purchasing your first cannabis vape pen through our marijuana home delivery service.

1. What A Weed Vape Cartridge Is

Vape cartridges are cannabis oil-filled glass carts that contain various cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from marijuana plants.

THC-dominant cartridges are the most popular. However, many also enjoy the relaxing benefits of CBD-only vape pens as well. Blends of both THC and CBD are also available, so you can customize your smoking experience to your preferences.

2. How Marijuana Vape Pens Work

Weed vape cartridges are heated by battery power, which activates the various natural chemicals inside the cannabis oil. Heating the cannabis oil produces vapor, which you’ll inhale through the vape pen.

Depending on your vape pen, you may have several settings to choose from — these functions allow you to customize the temperature and dose of your pen. Regardless of the specific vape you have, they are all remarkably easy and convenient to use.

3. How Easy Vape Pens Are to Use

Weed vape pens are the easiest way to use cannabis. There’s no measuring or work involved in setup – all you have to do is inhale and enjoy your high.

4. How Portable They Aree

On top of their ease of use, vape pens are incredibly discreet and easy to transport. Unlike joints, vape pens are small, sleek and produce no noticeable smoke or odor. This makes weed vape pens the ideal way to enjoy cannabis while on the go.

5. How Dosing Works With Vape Pens

Getting your dosage right is a critical part of having an enjoyable cannabis experience. Many newcomers will make the mistake of exceeding their limit, which is never pleasant.

Pre-loaded vape pens are unlike dabbing in that they give you complete control over how much you consume with each inhale. This makes them ideal for newer cannabis users or for those who prefer to have a less intense high.

Regardless of your experience level, Lucky Farms is passionate about finding the perfect cannabis solutions for our loyal customers. Our expert team looks forward to answering your questions about everything from weed vape pen cartridges to flowers and edibles. We provide marijuana home delivery services every day from noon until 10 p.m., so you can enjoy our premium, organic cannabis with privacy and convenience. Place your first order today by calling (714) 888-5150 or by contacting us online.

Four Reasons Why Marijuana Home Delivery Benefits Your Local Community

The legalization of marijuana was a huge breakthrough for those who enjoy its medical and recreational benefits. However, there are still access barriers in many cities. Whether due to local restrictions or socioeconomic factors, many still don’t have ease of access to safe, high-quality cannabis. Marijuana delivery services provide cannabis to those who might not otherwise be able to get to a dispensary. They’re a safe, private and convenient way for those in underserved communities to enjoy the countless benefits of high-quality organic marijuana. We’ve listed four ways that marijuana home delivery services positively impact your local community.

1. There’s No Storefront 

Unfortunately, medical and recreational marijuana storefronts are still not permitted in many areas. This results in a lack of access to cannabis for those who live in these communities. 

Marijuana home delivery services are able to serve all cities, regardless of local storefront restrictions. This allows those who enjoy the benefits of cannabis to purchase marijuana without having to commute to a city with fewer restrictions.

For those who use cannabis for pain relief or who lack access to transportation, medical marijuana delivery services are a game-changer. You’ll never have to worry about running into someone you’d rather not see outside the dispensary.

2. They Support Your Local Community

When you purchase cannabis from a marijuana home delivery service, you’re supporting local farms and delivery drivers. 

Rather than traveling to a storefront dispensary, you’ll be putting your hard-earned dollars right back into your community.

3. They Support Communities in Need 

For the many who use cannabis for physical and mental relief, having access to reliable and affordable marijuana is essential. 

Many underserved communities don’t have storefront marijuana dispensaries, and this can cause some to turn to black-market cannabis. This is incredibly dangerous, as these products are not lab-tested or safely cultivated. 

Marijuana home delivery services provide high-quality, lab-tested marijuana to those in all communities. That means people suffering from everything from anxiety to seizures can have a reliable source for much-needed relief through cannabis delivery.

4. They Keep Privacy at the Forefront

Many cannabis users prefer a private experience. Though marijuana is now legal and accepted in many places, it can still be a hot-button issue for some. 

Marijuana delivery services allow you to enjoy your medical or recreational cannabis privately. You don’t have to worry about who you’ll run into on your way into the dispensary, and you don’t have to worry about involving the neighbors, either – Lucky Farms uses unmarked vehicles to keep things discreet. 

Lucky Farms is proud to serve our local communities with high-quality, organic cannabis. We’re passionate about the benefits of marijuana, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Whether you’re new to cannabis entirely or a veteran user looking to try some new products, our team at Lucky Farms looks forward to serving you. Give us a call at (714) 888-5150 or contact us online and experience the Lucky Farms difference today.

Head High vs. Body High: Which One is Better?

The world of marijuana can be overwhelming. There are a lot of options out there, and they’re definitely not created equally. We’re here to break down the difference between two major types of highs so you can find the perfect strain for your next marijuana delivery service

What is a head high?

A head high is a “daytime” high; generally associated with Sativa strains or Sativa-dominant hybrid blends, a head high is stimulating and boosts energy. Head highs are associated with euphoria due to the high THC content and are often sought after by those needing a mood lift or an energy kick to get them through a busy schedule. Because of the way they stimulate your mind, head highs can sometimes heighten anxiety or paranoia and are best avoided by those who struggle with these types of thoughts.

When a head high is a good choice

Head highs are ideal for when you want to stimulate your mind – whether you’re working on something creative or you want to enhance an experience that’s a little boring on its own. If you’re seeking a bit of a lift to get you through a workday or trying to make that movie you’re watching a little more entertaining, a strain that produces a head high is ideal.

What is a body high?

Body highs are the way to go when you’re looking to unwind at the end of a long day and are achieved using an Indica strain. This is the type of high you want right before a nap; in contrast to Sativa’s stimulating effects, Indica strains are for slowing your mind down and putting your mind at ease. Ordering Indica strains after a long day from a trusted cannabis delivery service will help get your evening started.

When a body high is a good choice

We all need time to destress – the body high that comes with Indica cannabis is perfect for releasing tension and stress in the body. If you’ve been stressed due to work or injury, or if you’re looking for something to help you fall asleep at night, you’ll enjoy a body high. Cannabis users often find that the tranquilizing effects of Indica enhance calming activities like meditation or reading. 

Finding your go-to strain

While you might enjoy the effects of both a head high and a body high depending on what your day has in store, you’re likely to find one that’s just yours. With some exploration, many people discover a strain that’s optimal for their lifestyle and needs. If you’re in need of chronic pain relief, you’ll likely land on a strain that creates a body high to lessen pain and tension. The go-getters among us often seek out a head high to energize and motivate you to get through a long day of hard work. 

No matter the effects you desire from cannabis, the team at Lucky Farms can help you find the right cannabis for your unique lifestyle. Our team is dedicated to providing you stellar service, from helping you pick out the right strains and products to coordinating a marijuana delivery service right to your preferred location. To learn more about our selection of premium products, contact us today at (714) 888-5150 or visit us online to start enjoying the benefits of our cannabis delivery.

Three Important Things to Know About Consuming Edibles

Consuming edibles can bring a different image to mind than smoking, and maybe you’re a little bit more uncertain about how they’ll affect you. Consuming cannabis in an edible rather than smoking will change your experience, but there’s a science behind it that can be broken down to minimize your uncertainty. If you’re looking for a marijuana delivery service to start trying out edible cannabis products, Lucky Farms cannabis delivery is an ideal, safe way to do so.

1. What happens in your body when you take an edible?

Things travel through your lungs much faster than through your digestive system, which is why many report staying high much longer after consuming edibles than after they smoke weed. Like smoking, you can start to feel the effects within a few minutes – but with edibles, the THC levels take hours to drop off and won’t fully exit your system until your digestive tract eliminates them. Because the marijuana is passing through the digestive system before it hits your bloodstream, factors like your metabolic rate and how long it’s been since you’ve eaten can impact the way the edible you’ve taken affects you as well. 

2. How long do edibles stay in your system?

Everyone processes cannabis a little differently, but generally speaking, the high from taking an edible will last an average of six to eight hours. The THC, however, will stick around much longer – it’s a fat-soluble substance, which means it can still be in your system for over 36 hours. If you’re used to smoking, this is a crucial distinction to note, as the THC from a joint will generally only last around three days. If you’re looking for a high that will leave minimal evidence behind (particularly on an upcoming drug test), you’re better off with another method of consuming cannabis. 

3. Are edibles safe?

The short answer is “yes”  – if you use them correctly. Many people get tripped up because they equate taking an edible to smoking a blunt when the two couldn’t be more different. If you’re just starting, start small and figure out your limits before you start increasing your dosage. Note that the high from an edible can take a while to kick in, so if you don’t feel it within a few minutes, do not take another one. Overconsumption is a significant way people go wrong with edibles; take your time, and you’re much more likely to have a pleasant, enjoyable high.

Most importantly, choose edibles from a place that clearly lists THC content, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Our marijuana delivery team at Lucky Farms is knowledgeable and passionate about helping you have an excellent cannabis delivery experience. Whether you’re new to edibles or just looking to try something new, our team looks forward to working with you to find the perfect cannabis products for your unique needs. Contact us today at (714) 888-5150 or visit us online to learn more about our marijuana home delivery service. 

What is Sativa, and How Does It Make You Feel?

You’ve probably heard a lot of conflicting information on Sativa and how it makes you feel. You’ve probably wanted to try a strain like Sativa for a while but haven’t pulled the trigger. And it’s likely that the more you look into the effects of Sativa, the more curious you are to test it out for yourself and order from a weed delivery service.

At Lucky Farms, we’d like to discuss the feelings you get when you consume Sativa and what you can expect.

Cannabis Sativa: What is It?

All cannabis is cannabis Sativa, and cannabis Indica is a subtype of Sativa on a technical level. Cannabis Sativa plants are bushy, tall and have looser buds. 

Sativa strains are thought to be best for creative projects and are also great for energy and focus. Indica strains, on the other hand, are great for unwinding, relaxing, and relieving pain.

Sativa strains are usually associated with a more energetic, uplifted feeling, while Indica strains are associated with a more relaxed, sedated feeling. These effects can be even more pronounced if you take a Sativa while stressed out.

A Burst of Energy & Creativity with Sativa

Now that you know what Sativa is, you’re probably wondering more about how it makes you feel.

While every individual’s experience is different, a Sativa high is generally described as a cerebral, energizing, and uplifting high. Some describe Sativa as causing a more creative high, creating a free-flowing train of thought.

Therefore, it’s common to experience an alert, energizing and euphoric feeling when consuming Sativa. Sativa effects are usually noticed within 30 to 45 minutes of consuming it.

The Right Time to Use Sativa

Have you ever sat around in the morning, waiting for the caffeine to kick in so you could finally get going? If so, you’ll love Sativa. You’ll notice effects within 30 minutes, and you’ll be on your way. It is also perfect any time you want to get things done!

If you’re thinking about starting something new and want to brainstorm ideas, Sativa is ideal as well. It’s the perfect strain for that much-needed burst of energy.

Every strain is different, and every person is different, so what works for your friend might not work for you. If you’re still unsure whether you’d like to try a Sativa strain, it’s a great idea to start with a Sativa-dominant strain. This way, you’ll get the best of both worlds! You’ll be able to feel the effects of the Sativa without getting the full Indica effects.

Get a convenient, fast and discreet weed delivery service in Southern California today at Lucky Farms. We offer a wide range of products and accessories for the ultimate experience. With our marijuana delivery service, we can deliver quality cannabis products from noon to 10 p.m. to any location in unmarked vehicles, ensuring your privacy at all times. Call us at (714) 888-5150 or order online and let our professional walk you through the process. 

4 Things to Know about Getting High and Your Appetite

People tend to think that getting high will make you lose your appetite and fall asleep. While this is true for many, it isn’t always a guarantee, as every person’s body reacts differently. In some cases, cannabis can have the opposite effect, helping people get hungry and stimulated enough to go out and enjoy a night on the town. So, before you expect to pack away the food and call it a night, here are some things you should know.

The Effects of THC on the Body

Usually, if you have a high THC content in your body, you will have a higher likelihood of becoming hungry. This is because THC is known to stimulate your appetite. THC binds to the endocannabinoid receptors present in the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for regulating hunger and other functions.

The Number of Cannabinoids in the Strain

When it comes to why weed makes some people want to eat, the simplest explanation is the number of cannabinoids present in the strain you choose. While there is a wide range of cannabinoids available, THC and CBD are the two most common and are mainly associated with the effects of getting high.

THC is known to be the psychoactive compound thought to be responsible for causing the majority of the euphoric effects, while CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is said to have numerous health benefits, such as relief from pain.

Therefore, you need to choose the right strain wisely before you order from a weed delivery service. Ask yourself – do you want to indulge in food, or do you want something that will make you feel calm? The choice is yours to make.

Can Other Cannabinoids Make You Hungry?

There are over 100 cannabinoids in varying amounts, and experts are still unsure what each might do to the body. However, Cannabigorelic Acid (CBGA) and CBG, its converted form, may stimulate appetite in animals, yet the effect on appetite for humans is still being studied.

Planning Ahead Can Help Control the Appetite

Before ordering your weed from your go-to marijuana delivery service, planning ahead can help you control your appetite.

Some factors could make you eat more, such as whether or not you have eaten anything before you get high, whether you’re hungry during that time, and what you have done before. Try eating something before you smoke to avoid getting the munchies or have a snack ready.

While getting the munchies can be a fun experience, it can also be quite annoying. There are many cannabis strains available, so if you just want to relax, go for something with a lower THC content. However, if you love a good party, then go ahead and indulge with the help of your favorite weed delivery service, such as Lucky Farms.

Get a convenient, fast and discreet weed delivery service in Southern California today at Lucky Farms. We offer a wide range of products and accessories for the ultimate experience. With our marijuana delivery service, we can deliver quality cannabis products from noon to 10 p.m. to any location in unmarked vehicles, ensuring your privacy at all times. Call us at (714) 888-5150 or order online and let our professional walk you through the process. 

How Can Getting High Make Gaming Better?

One of the topics that have become a big hit in the gaming industry is the legalization of marijuana and approaching different games from the perspective of getting high. You’ve also probably heard about the benefits of getting high for creativity, productivity and relaxation, but can getting high also make gaming better? Here are a few things to consider when combining weed and video games.

Why Put Weed and Gaming Together?

So, how can getting high make gaming better? Getting high is enjoyable, but if you’re asking this question, you probably want to know about the practical benefits of getting high. Here’s a list of the long-term benefits of getting high for gaming:

  • Improve Your Reaction Time: One of the best benefits of getting high is improving your reaction time. You will be able to notice attacks faster and dodge them more quickly, becoming a better player.
  • Relax and Focus on One Thing: Sometimes, while playing video games, you get too preoccupied with what’s happening on the screen, which can be distracting and reduce your focus. Getting high will help you relax and focus on the current activity, giving you a definite advantage in the game.
  • Have Greater Awareness: While playing video games, being distracted by your surroundings can create problems. For example, you may be too preoccupied with your surroundings, forgetting to complete your in-game objectives. This situation will not arise when you are high. You’ll be more aware of your surroundings, allowing you to achieve your in-game objectives in time.

Weed & Video Games: It’s Science!

Scientists have found that getting high decreases goal interference. This refers to your tendency to be preoccupied with something other than your in-game objectives. In other words, getting high allows you to focus on the game at hand and complete your goals.

Cannabis use also decreases cognitive interference, or what happens when you become distracted by something else. For example, you may be focusing on your in-game objectives but get distracted by the environment in the game. The game lags, you get distracted, and you get shot by the enemy. When you’re playing video games high, that scenario is unlikely.

One more thing to note is that the THC that enters your brain causes dopamine release, decreasing strong negative emotions that can distract you from your in-game objectives. With this benefit in mind, you’ll be more relaxed and focused, giving you an advantage.

The Social Side of Gaming High

A major appeal of gaming culture is its social side. If you’re a big part of it, you’ll know what we are talking about. However, when you’re high, you tend to be more social. This is because getting high decreases your usual social inhibitions.

While gaming high, you are more likely to start a conversation or talk to a stranger during your online gameplay. Even if you’re not a social type, you’ll still be more talkative while high. If you’re playing a competitive game, being social can help you get a few allies to defeat your opponent.

Are Weed & Video Games Great Together?

Now, the million-dollar question: should you get high and play video games? After everything you’ve just read, why wouldn’t you?

Weed and video games scientifically and socially complement each other in a way unlike any other experience. When taking the proper dosage, gamers can enjoy a new level of satisfaction while playing their favorite games. 

The only thing that will make your high gaming experience any better is buying your weed from a weed delivery service such as Lucky Farms, the leading marijuana delivery service you can find anywhere. You never have to leave your house for quality marijuana ever again, meaning you’ll have more time for gaming! We have a variety of marijuana products you can choose from, and with our discreet marijuana home delivery, your neighbors will never know what’s coming to your home. Contact us today at (714) 888-5150 or reach out to us online to begin your order!

What are the Best Questions to Ask Your Weed Delivery Service?

Whether you are a first-time marijuana buyer or have ordered weed online hundreds of times, there are some key questions to ask your weed delivery service. There’s so much information that it can get overwhelming. 

At Lucky Farms, we’ve compiled a list of the best questions to ask your weed delivery service to help you get the best products. 

What Are Your Recommendations?

Weed delivery services are in the business of making recommendations. If you don’t ask what they would recommend, you’ll never know which products best fit your needs. 

After all, ordering marijuana home delivery can be overwhelming, and you want to know what’s right for you. Don’t be afraid to seek your weed delivery service’s advice on what will make you or your friends happy.

Which Products Do You Like?

This is a great question to ask pot delivery services. After all, what are the chances that they would recommend something that they don’t like themselves?

No matter what kind of product or strain you’re thinking about, you’re going to want to know whether your weed delivery service expert likes it or not. After all, they know their product better than anyone.

What Are Customers Buying?

Marijuana delivery services love talking about their customers’ favorite products. Not only does it show that you’re thinking about what your friends may want, but it is also a great way to get some ideas for yourself.

Budtenders should have a solid idea of what sells the most in their marijuana home deliveries and can give you tailored recommendations based on your needs.

How Potent Are Your Marijuana Products?

A product’s potency can make a big difference. There is a difference between a product with 10 percent THC and one that is 28 percent THC. 

Finding the ideal strength for your needs is essential to a positive weed experience. Your weed delivery service should work with you to find a marijuana product that will help you achieve the perfect high.

With just a few questions, you can find the right weed delivery service that will be there for you. 

Fortunately, Lucky Farms offers reliable marijuana home delivery with a customer service team that can put your concerns to rest, providing personalized cannabis product selections to give you the best marijuana home delivery experience money can buy. Our discreet pot delivery service ensures the utmost privacy, delivering your product in unmarked vehicles to your chosen location. We have a wide range of products to purchase through our online store; call us at (714) 888-5150 or use our online contact form!

Are Edibles a Stronger Alternative to Smoking Weed?

An increasing number of weed users are turning to edibles to consume cannabis. Their safeness and ability to produce strong, long-lasting effects when correctly dosed has attracted many to edibles and products like it. 

But how does it compare to other consumption methods like smoking in terms of potency? A person’s experience with edibles and the effects that they get out of them will ultimately depend on their approach and usage. 

How THC Interacts with Your Body

Your body contains many cannabinoid receptors. The two primary receptors that interact with weed are CB1 and CB2. When cannabis is consumed, THC enters your body and eventually binds with the CB1 receptors. This connection is what allows you to feel high. 

How Smoking Weed Gets You High

Out of all ways to consume weed, smoking can produce effects faster than many other methods. Smoking weed gives THC direct, unimpeded access to your bloodstream. Once in your body, THC can quickly find and bind with your CB1 receptors, leading to results almost immediately.  

How Edibles Get You High

In comparison to smoking weed, edibles take longer to come into effect. Edibles don’t directly enter your bloodstream and must first pass through your digestive system. The amount of time this takes can vary, depending on factors like metabolism speed and what you ate before consuming your edible. 

Once an edible kicks in, you’ll begin to feel a steady stream of effects that continues to escalate over the coming hours as your body processes the THC. These effects will usually last between 4 to 12 hours until wearing off. 

Patience (and Dosage) Is a Virtue

Many edible experiences have turned disastrous because of a lack of patience or understanding of how long the process can take. Don’t expect immediate results when consuming edibles. 

Eating multiple edibles in quick succession will cause a reaction that won’t be fun to deal with. Ensure an enjoyable edible experience with small doses between long breaks. Your patience will be rewarded when the effects of the edible eventually kick in.  

Whether you prefer edibles or smoking weed, Lucky Farms is here to fulfill any cannabis needs you may have. Lucky Farms is home to the finest, most potent and safest marijuana out there, along with a hassle-free, discreet marijuana home delivery service. Our marijuana delivery service promotes greater access to quality cannabis by ensuring a convenient and straightforward process for our customers. To see everything that Lucky Farms’ marijuana delivery service has to offer, visit our online store today or call our customer support at (714) 888-5150 for more information. With our convenient weed delivery service, excellent marijuana products are just one phone call away.

The Differences Between Vaping and Smoking Weed

Weed has risen in popularity over recent years, partly because of the many different ways to consume it. The variety of choices makes it easy for users to find a method that works for them and their needs.

Two of the more recognizable and commonly linked methods for consuming weed are smoking and vaping. Although they share some similarities, key differences between the two make them distinctly unique from one another.

How Potent Are Both Methods?

There is a noticeable difference in potency between vaping and smoking weed. Vaping is seen as a more efficient THC delivery method and will produce more pronounced effects when using the same dosage level. 

Experienced weed users seeking a more potent consumption method will want to consider vaping to achieve their goals. 

Is It Safe to Smoke Weed?

Whether with weed or tobacco, any kind of smoking isn’t the best for your lungs. Although more research needs to be done on the long-term health effects of smoking weed, we do know about the harm of cigarettes. As they contain many chemicals and carcinogens, moderate to frequent smoking of cigarettes can lead to severe lung damage. 

Naturally-sourced marijuana products have not been chemically altered, making them the default safer option for smokers.

Is Vaping a Safer Way to Consume Cannabis?

Like other forms of cannabis consumption, vaping and its safeness is still a topic of discussion that requires further testing and evidence. We understand that some early illnesses linked to vaping were caused by vitamin E acetate, an ingredient now less commonly used in products. 

Those who vape should avoid products that contain this ingredient and only shop from reputable sources that provide verified information about their ingredients. 

Vaping vs. Smoking

When deciding whether to smoke or vape weed, it ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and needs. Vaping will provide a stronger and prolonged weed experience more appropriate for experienced users. 

Anyone who desires a more subtle cannabis experience should also consider vaping. Vape pens can be carried around without much difficulty and can be discreetly used without others around you easily noticing. 

No matter how you choose to consume your weed, make sure to do your shopping at Lucky Farms. At Lucky Farms, we offer the best, most potent and safest marijuana in the industry, as well as a hassle-free, discreet marijuana home delivery service. Our marijuana delivery service makes accessing excellent cannabis easier and more convenient than any other option available. To see everything that Lucky Farms’ marijuana delivery service has to offer, visit our online store today or call our customer support at (714) 888-5150 for more information. With our convenient weed delivery service, excellent marijuana products are just one phone call away.