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4 Things You Can Do with Weed that’s Been Vaped

A common mistake that newer, more inexperienced vapers tend to make is throwing away their weed after a vape session. While it may feel like the right decision to dump your already vaped weed, users will miss out on other potential cannabis experiences by doing so. Although it may not look visually appealing, vaped weed contains hints of cannabis compounds like cannabinoids that can be used in several different ways to great effect. Here are four things you can do with weed that has already been vaped. 


If you’re craving a drink after a vape session, you can use your vaped weed to help quench your thirst. Drinks are a popular and great way to use weed that has already been smoked. Vaped weed can be used to help make drinks like coffee or tea. Users simply need to add their vaped cannabis into their coffee grounds or tea leaves while it is brewing or steeping. Those looking for something more with their drink can add cannabutter in addition to their vaped weed for an enhanced experience. 


Cannabis tinctures are another option for those contemplating what to do with their vaporized weed. To do so, start by placing your vaped weed in a jar along with high-percentage alcohol. Make sure the jar is closed and shake it every day for up to a month. Once enough time has passed, remove the cannabis material from the jar using a strainer or filter. You now have your tincture extract, which can be consumed by itself or be added to various foods and drinks.

Baked Edibles

Those in the mood for edibles can make them at home with the help of their already vaporized weed. Vaped cannabis can be added to any type of recipe. When it comes to cooking or baking marijuana, it’s important to remember to keep a lower heat to maintain the integrity of your cannabinoids and their potency. Those interested can also infuse their vaped weed into their butter or oil by doing the same type of low-heat cooking.    


Instead of tossing away your vaporized cannabis, you can do something productive with it, like making concentrates. Cannabis concentrates serve as a way for users to add extra flavor to their consumption experience. A cannabis concentrate can be made with vaped weed using a solvent-based extraction or a rosin press. Once you do this, you end up with a quality cannabis concentrate from material that you’ve already used. 

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