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Fun and Positive At-Home Activities to Do While High

One of the best things about cannabis is the number of benefits that it brings to its users. One benefit is the positive effect that it can have on mental health. No matter what type of cannabis user you are, you can use marijuana as a means of self-care. Whether you’re attempting to relieve stress or looking for a bit of inspiration, cannabis can motivate you to do things that perhaps you normally wouldn’t do. The next time you get high at home, make it a productive experience and try some of these fun and positive activities.


Using cannabis can help stimulate your creativity and spur a bit of inspiration. One way to channel and express this creativity is with writing. While some will be able to write imaginative and well-structured stories, others will be more comfortable expressing what immediately comes to mind in a stream of consciousness. For the latter, journaling your thoughts and emotions is a productive exercise that may even allow you to learn something about yourself.

Making Art or Music

If writing isn’t your thing, but you still have a creative yearning that needs to be satisfied, you can try playing music or making artwork. Those with instruments at home can pick up their guitar or sit down at their piano, and play a few notes just to see where it can lead. Many musical artists have credited cannabis for spurring their creative process and helping them with their work. The same can be said with art and how it can inspire people to use their creativity while they are high. One can simply grab a few art supplies or even use their phone for photography and just go from there.


If you’re looking for something more physical that can help de-stress your mind and body, yoga is a great activity to do while you’re high. In particular, yoga activities that focus on breathing and feature calming exercises go well with cannabis. Both activities can have a positive influence by reducing stress and anxiety and are great complements to one another. For those interested in incorporating yoga and cannabis together, there are plenty of useful resources and videos online for you to get started. Since there are so many different styles of yoga, you can always mix up your sessions and keep things fresh.

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