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Four Essential Things to Know About Ordering Marijuana Home Delivery

If you’ve found yourself searching for “marijuana delivery near me” and feeling a little too uncertain to actually place an order, you’re far from alone.

Even though it’s been legal in California for a few years, buying weed can still feel risky. Maybe you’re just more comfortable with a storefront dispensary, where you can physically see the exact products you’re picking out.

We hear you. We also don’t want you to miss out on the many benefits of marijuana home delivery! Lucky Farms cannabis is every bit as safe and high-quality as what you’d find in a traditional dispensary – if not better. We’re here to break down everything you need to know about ordering weed delivery so you can start enjoying it today.

What You’ll Need to Order From a Marijuana Home Delivery Service

First, check your local laws. The upside of ordering marijuana home delivery is that because there’s no storefront, it’s more likely to pass any local restrictions regarding the sale and purchase of marijuana.

You will still need to prove that you’re of legal age and following any other state rules and regulations. That just means having a government-issued I.D. on hand for your delivery driver to check out. Once you’ve got that, you can place as many cannabis delivery orders as your heart desires.

How Much Weed Delivery Costs Near You

The cost of weed delivery will vary based on a few different things. The distance your delivery driver has to travel and the quality of the products ordered, for example, can affect the total cost of your delivery.

At Lucky Farms, we pride ourselves on making local, high-quality organic marijuana accessible. Because we’re a mobile weed delivery service, we can offer excellent products at price points comparable to what you’ll find at storefront dispensaries. 

The Downsides of Ordering Marijuana Home Delivery

Just like ordering takeout from a restaurant, ordering marijuana for delivery has a few drawbacks. You lose out on the experience of walking into your favorite dispensary, catching up with the friends you’ve made there and walking out right away with your purchase.

However, ordering for delivery doesn’t have to mean you’re on your own. Our team at Lucky Farms is friendly, knowledgeable and excited to connect with you about ordering cannabis for delivery. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our cannabis – after all, we’re still a local dispensary!

How to Know Which Cannabis Delivery Service to Choose

Are we a little biased here? Maybe.

But our countless fans in Southern California have our back on this one. Lucky Farms is simply unsurpassed in the cannabis delivery industry. We got our start as a hobby and have grown into the beloved weed delivery service we are today, thanks to our customers’ loyalty and our team’s passion. 

We take pride in bringing everything you know and love about a local dispensary and bringing it right to your doorstep. Skip the commute: call us at (714) 888-5150 or visit us online to place your first order with Lucky Farms today and find out just how great our local, organic marijuana really is.

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