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Five Important Questions to Consider Before Placing Your First Marijuana Delivery Order

Placing your first marijuana home delivery order is exciting. What cannabis user doesn’t want their favorite products brought straight to their doorstep?

If you’ve never ordered cannabis online before, the options can be a bit overwhelming. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve listed the five questions you should consider before placing your first cannabis delivery order.

What’s Your Preferred Way to Consume Cannabis?

From joints to tinctures to vape pens, there are many different ways to consume cannabis – and they are not created equal. 

Think about what your preferred method of consumption is. Knowing whether you like smoking or edibles more, for example, will help you narrow down your choices.

Why Do You Use Marijuana?

Are you looking for a cannabis product to use recreationally? Or are you looking for something to help relieve a medical problem like chronic pain or anxiety?

If you know what effects you’d like from cannabis, your budtender will be able to guide you to the best products for your needs.

How Much is Your Budget?

Price points for cannabis can vary, so try to know how much you’d like to spend ahead of time.

If you’re ordering from a marijuana home delivery service, you’ll likely save some cash. Unlike storefront dispensaries, weed delivery services have few overhead costs. This helps keep price points affordable.

How High do You Want to be (and For How Long)?

Different strains and different methods of consumption will affect you differently. Before placing an order for cannabis delivery, decide how high you’d like to get and how long you’d like to be under the influence.

For example, if you’re looking for a mild, relaxing high, consider products with higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC. If you want a more stimulating, intense experience, look for higher levels of THC. 

How high you get is also determined by your tolerance level. If you’re unsure where to start, start small – and ask your budtender about a particular product before consuming it.

Is Discretion a Concern?

While marijuana has been legalized in California for some time, some users prefer a more discreet experience than others. 

If you prefer to keep your cannabis usage private, or live in a smoke-free building, consider consumption methods that don’t produce any smoke or vapor. Edibles and tinctures are both great options for keeping your high discreet.

At Lucky Farms, we know the importance of protecting your discretion. That’s why we deliver in unmarked vehicles to ensure your privacy. Our marijuana delivery service brings the medicine you need straight to your doorstep in a convenient, private and timely manner. Got questions? Our team is more than happy to help. Contact us online or call us today at (714) 888-5150.

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