Platinum Bubba Kush

Choosing the right strains

Here at Lucky Farms, we take the utmost care in curating different strains that will be enjoyed by our many Lucky Farmers out in the world! We searched and searched for the right strains to bring to the market. Through our journey we have collected our favorite seeds from around the globe and are bringing them directly from our farm to your bowl!


Our favorite pastime growing flower

Lucky Farms- From our farm to your bowl

Here at Lucky Farms, we are so happy to constantly be around life! While maintaining the farm, we are always taken back by our surroundings! We have spent countless hours of planning and designing a perfect workflow for the Farm. There are many variables when it comes to farming in general and we work tirelessly to make sure that our flower lives up to the Lucky Farms Standard. We definitely would not want to grow anything that we would not personally medicate with. Our goals are simple, to bring farm fresh organic cannabis right to your door. In future posts we will discover the people behind the scenes and the processes that help us grow, The Lucky Farms Way!

Lucky Farms flower grown fresh

Lucky Farms flower grown fresh


No pesticides or harmful chemicals, a week’s long flush, and the perfect harvest are all reasons why the Lucky Farms way of growing flower, is the best way. We strive to be the best source of organic cannabis flower delivered directly to your door.


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