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Four Reasons Why Marijuana Home Delivery Benefits Your Local Community

The legalization of marijuana was a huge breakthrough for those who enjoy its medical and recreational benefits. However, there are still access barriers in many cities. Whether due to local restrictions or socioeconomic factors, many still don’t have ease of access to safe, high-quality cannabis. Marijuana delivery services provide cannabis to those who might not […]

Head High vs. Body High: Which One is Better?

The world of marijuana can be overwhelming. There are a lot of options out there, and they’re definitely not created equally. We’re here to break down the difference between two major types of highs so you can find the perfect strain for your next marijuana delivery service.  What is a head high? A head high […]

Three Important Things to Know About Consuming Edibles

Consuming edibles can bring a different image to mind than smoking, and maybe you’re a little bit more uncertain about how they’ll affect you. Consuming cannabis in an edible rather than smoking will change your experience, but there’s a science behind it that can be broken down to minimize your uncertainty. If you’re looking for […]

What is Sativa, and How Does It Make You Feel?

You’ve probably heard a lot of conflicting information on Sativa and how it makes you feel. You’ve probably wanted to try a strain like Sativa for a while but haven’t pulled the trigger. And it’s likely that the more you look into the effects of Sativa, the more curious you are to test it out […]

4 Things to Know about Getting High and Your Appetite

People tend to think that getting high will make you lose your appetite and fall asleep. While this is true for many, it isn’t always a guarantee, as every person’s body reacts differently. In some cases, cannabis can have the opposite effect, helping people get hungry and stimulated enough to go out and enjoy a […]

How Can Getting High Make Gaming Better?

One of the topics that have become a big hit in the gaming industry is the legalization of marijuana and approaching different games from the perspective of getting high. You’ve also probably heard about the benefits of getting high for creativity, productivity and relaxation, but can getting high also make gaming better? Here are a […]

What are the Best Questions to Ask Your Weed Delivery Service?

Whether you are a first-time marijuana buyer or have ordered weed online hundreds of times, there are some key questions to ask your weed delivery service. There’s so much information that it can get overwhelming.  At Lucky Farms, we’ve compiled a list of the best questions to ask your weed delivery service to help you […]

Are Edibles a Stronger Alternative to Smoking Weed?

An increasing number of weed users are turning to edibles to consume cannabis. Their safeness and ability to produce strong, long-lasting effects when correctly dosed has attracted many to edibles and products like it.  But how does it compare to other consumption methods like smoking in terms of potency? A person’s experience with edibles and […]

The Differences Between Vaping and Smoking Weed

Weed has risen in popularity over recent years, partly because of the many different ways to consume it. The variety of choices makes it easy for users to find a method that works for them and their needs. Two of the more recognizable and commonly linked methods for consuming weed are smoking and vaping. Although […]