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The Top Four Ways to Smoke Wax Without a Dab Rig

Smoking dab, a highly-concentrated form of butane hash oil, is one of the quickest ways to get really high. Wax can have a concentration of up to 80 percent THC – compare that to the 10 or 14 percent in joints, and you’ll get an idea of how hard dab will hit you. Wax is […]

Five Important Questions to Consider Before Placing Your First Marijuana Delivery Order

Placing your first marijuana home delivery order is exciting. What cannabis user doesn’t want their favorite products brought straight to their doorstep? If you’ve never ordered cannabis online before, the options can be a bit overwhelming. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve listed the five questions you should consider before placing your first […]

Four Interesting Facts About Indica New Users Should Know

If you’re ordering marijuana home delivery for the first time, you might not know where to start. At a storefront dispensary, you’d be greeted by an employee face-to-face who could walk you through the different options. However, you can still pick out an excellent cannabis solution for your needs from an online marijuana delivery service. […]

Four Signs of a Reliable Marijuana Home Delivery Service

People are creatures of habit. Many cannabis users have been going to the same in-person dispensary for years and might be hesitant to try a marijuana delivery service.  Ordering cannabis delivery has many benefits, from saving time to giving you greater privacy. If you’re considering marijuana delivery, here are four important things to keep in […]

Marijuana Home Delivery Has Evolved, and You Can Reap the Benefits

Only a few years ago, marijuana was classified as an illegal drug. Despite its known safety and countless medicinal benefits, the stigma of cannabis made it difficult to access.  Since legalization, access to marijuana has improved exponentially. If you’re interested in trying cannabis for the first time – or trying cannabis delivery for the first […]

Why Weed Makes You Anxious – and What You Can Do About It

If you’ve heard friends rave about the benefits of marijuana, only to have a negative experience with it yourself, you’re far from alone. Not all weed is created equally. Different cannabinoids, terpenes and methods of consuming cannabis can all impact your experience. If you’re concerned about weed, including feelings of anxiety, here are five important […]

Four Essential Things to Know About Ordering Marijuana Home Delivery

If you’ve found yourself searching for “marijuana delivery near me” and feeling a little too uncertain to actually place an order, you’re far from alone. Even though it’s been legal in California for a few years, buying weed can still feel risky. Maybe you’re just more comfortable with a storefront dispensary, where you can physically […]

Three Helpful Tips for Packing and Smoking a Bowl of Weed

Packing a bowl can be a little intimidating. If it’s your first time, you might be confused about how to do it correctly. Luckily, optimizing your smoking experience is pretty simple. Here are three helpful tips for packing and smoking your first bowl to guide you through it. Adding Heat: Everything You’ll Need to Smoke […]