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A Guide to Proper CBD Dosage

Attempting to discover the perfect CBD dosage that fulfills all of our needs can be challenging. As we all experience and react to weed differently, there isn’t a universal dosage that will work for everybody. The ideal dose for you may differ from another user. 

Ultimately, when it comes to determining the correct CBD dosage that works best for you, there are several different factors at play. 

Forms of CBD 

The form of CBD that you consume matters when discussing proper dosage. How much or little CBD there is can vary depending on the type of product. 

  • CBD Edibles/Drinks: Most CBD-infused edibles and beverages contain low amounts of CBD. Any effects produced from consuming this form of CBD will likely be mild and not noticeable. Those who want to fully experience the benefits of CBD should consider looking elsewhere. 
  • CBD Tablets: While CBD tablets produce more potent effects than edibles and drinks due to their higher doses, they take a while to work and are not as pronounced as other options. 
  • CBD Tinctures: Once administered under your tongue, CBD-infused tincture drops work quickly, entering your bloodstream and spreading from there. Within 30 minutes, you’re likely to start feeling noticeable effects.
  • CBD Flower/Vapes: Of all the CBD forms out there, flower and vapes produce the fastest and strongest effects. This is because inhalation as a delivery method is incredibly effective and can produce instant results. 

What’s Your Goal?

CBD is known for its calming effects and its ability to help with sleep and recovery. Ask yourself what you’re looking to achieve by using CBD. Your needs can help dictate the product you use and your ideal dosage. 

Those just beginning to explore CBD and its benefits may want to start small with infused edibles and drinks. You could also go with a higher-dose tablet instead for a more complete experience that gives you a good idea of what CBD can do. 

If you’re someone looking to relax or get a better night of sleep, CBD products that work quickly like flower and vape carts are recommended for any goal that demands immediate results.  

How Much CBD is Needed?

When examining your product and its listed information, it’s important to note that the amount of CBD given is its complete total and not for a dose. Your product will also have a labeled serving size. This serving size is typically less than what is needed to produce any noticeable effects.

If your product is meant to be ingested orally, somewhere around 300 to 600 mg of CBD should be enough to yield benefits that are evident. You likely start to feel these benefits within an hour. 

Meanwhile, users with tinctures, flower or vapes will need less than half that amount of CBD to achieve similar, noticeable effects. Any CBD form that doesn’t involve the digestive system will produce quicker results. 

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