Understanding the Four Most Popular Measurements When Purchasing Marijuana Delivery

Ordering marijuana home delivery for the first time can be intimidating – especially if you’re newer to cannabis.

One of the most common areas of confusion is the different amounts of weed that can be ordered. If you’re unsure whether you should order an eighth, a quarter or a half, read our beginner’s guide to cannabis measurements below.

An Eighth of Weed 

Trying out a new strain for the first time, or prefer to smoke every now and then? Buying an eighth is a great way to go.

An “eighth” of marijuana is just ⅛ of an ounce or three and a half grams. However, it’s also common to see eighths that actually contain four ounces, depending on how a particular dispensary likes to package them. 

A Quarter of Weed

When cannabis users begin smoking more regularly, they usually start buying “quarters.” This is the most popular measurement weed is purchased in and will generally be a better deal than buying an eighth. 

A “quarter” is ¼ of an ounce, or seven grams, of cannabis. If you’ve tried out a few strains and settled on one of your first favorites, buying a quarter of weed is a great option.

A Half-Ounce of Weed

A “half” is ½ an ounce, or 14 grams, of weed – which is quite a bit. Halves are typically bought by more regular users who have higher tolerance levels.

If you use cannabis daily or are picking up enough for a night with friends, buying a half will likely be more economical. Half-ounces of weed are typically around seven dollars a gram, which is a significant jump down from the 20 dollars you might pay for an eighth. 

An Ounce of Weed

The next measurement up from a half is a whole ounce, and it is a lot of marijuana. This 28-gram size jar is enough for you to smoke an entire blunt every day for a month. 

If you’re stocking up for a winter storm (or maybe a zombie apocalypse), ordering an ounce will ensure you’ve got enough weed to make it to the end.

At Lucky Farms, we’re more than happy to help you decide on the perfect measurement and strain for your unique needs. We might be a weed delivery service, but Lucky Farms is still a local SoCal dispensary. Our team is passionate about providing our clients with the best organic weed and the best customer service possible. Contact us online or call (714) 888-5150 today!

Three Distinct Advantages to Using Marijuana Home Delivery

In today’s day and age, virtually everything can be delivered straight to your door. Most things can now be easily ordered from your phone, from clothes to groceries to cars.

It’s easy to see how ordering delivery is more convenient, but when it comes to buying cannabis, there are far more benefits than just staying comfortable at home. We’ve listed three of the biggest advantages of ordering marijuana home delivery.

Marijuana Home Delivery Saves You Time & Money

In Southern California, traffic is inevitable. Driving to a storefront dispensary every week will cost you valuable time and gas. 

When you order from a marijuana delivery service, your favorite products come straight to your doorstep — no more sitting in traffic every time you need to stock up!

Weed Delivery is More Accessible

Marijuana has numerous benefits to our daily lives; cannabis users consume it for everything from enhancing everyday experiences to chronic pain relief. 

It’s crucial for those that use cannabis to have reliable access to high-quality products. Unfortunately, local regulations, transportation barriers and disabilities can prevent consumers from getting to a storefront dispensary.

Marijuana home delivery eliminates these access barriers. Weed delivery services allow you to access safe, high-quality cannabis no matter your location, access to transportation or any other limitations.

You’ll Get Reliably High-Quality Cannabis

Before marijuana delivery services, access barriers drove consumers to purchase cannabis from unreliable sources like street dealers.

Buying marijuana from an untrustworthy source should be avoided at all costs. Cannabis from the street can be cross-contaminated, has a higher risk of mold and poses serious health risks.

When you place an order from Lucky Farms, you can rest assured that every product has been lab-tested for safety and potency. We take pride in supplying Southern California with high-quality organic cannabis. 

Our team is passionate about providing an unbeatable customer experience. You can always expect efficient, friendly and discreet service from Lucky Farms. For more information about our products and cannabis delivery service, contact us online or call (714) 888-5150 today.