How Can Getting High Make Gaming Better?

One of the topics that have become a big hit in the gaming industry is the legalization of marijuana and approaching different games from the perspective of getting high. You’ve also probably heard about the benefits of getting high for creativity, productivity and relaxation, but can getting high also make gaming better? Here are a few things to consider when combining weed and video games.

Why Put Weed and Gaming Together?

So, how can getting high make gaming better? Getting high is enjoyable, but if you’re asking this question, you probably want to know about the practical benefits of getting high. Here’s a list of the long-term benefits of getting high for gaming:

  • Improve Your Reaction Time: One of the best benefits of getting high is improving your reaction time. You will be able to notice attacks faster and dodge them more quickly, becoming a better player.
  • Relax and Focus on One Thing: Sometimes, while playing video games, you get too preoccupied with what’s happening on the screen, which can be distracting and reduce your focus. Getting high will help you relax and focus on the current activity, giving you a definite advantage in the game.
  • Have Greater Awareness: While playing video games, being distracted by your surroundings can create problems. For example, you may be too preoccupied with your surroundings, forgetting to complete your in-game objectives. This situation will not arise when you are high. You’ll be more aware of your surroundings, allowing you to achieve your in-game objectives in time.

Weed & Video Games: It’s Science!

Scientists have found that getting high decreases goal interference. This refers to your tendency to be preoccupied with something other than your in-game objectives. In other words, getting high allows you to focus on the game at hand and complete your goals.

Cannabis use also decreases cognitive interference, or what happens when you become distracted by something else. For example, you may be focusing on your in-game objectives but get distracted by the environment in the game. The game lags, you get distracted, and you get shot by the enemy. When you’re playing video games high, that scenario is unlikely.

One more thing to note is that the THC that enters your brain causes dopamine release, decreasing strong negative emotions that can distract you from your in-game objectives. With this benefit in mind, you’ll be more relaxed and focused, giving you an advantage.

The Social Side of Gaming High

A major appeal of gaming culture is its social side. If you’re a big part of it, you’ll know what we are talking about. However, when you’re high, you tend to be more social. This is because getting high decreases your usual social inhibitions.

While gaming high, you are more likely to start a conversation or talk to a stranger during your online gameplay. Even if you’re not a social type, you’ll still be more talkative while high. If you’re playing a competitive game, being social can help you get a few allies to defeat your opponent.

Are Weed & Video Games Great Together?

Now, the million-dollar question: should you get high and play video games? After everything you’ve just read, why wouldn’t you?

Weed and video games scientifically and socially complement each other in a way unlike any other experience. When taking the proper dosage, gamers can enjoy a new level of satisfaction while playing their favorite games. 

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What are the Best Questions to Ask Your Weed Delivery Service?

Whether you are a first-time marijuana buyer or have ordered weed online hundreds of times, there are some key questions to ask your weed delivery service. There’s so much information that it can get overwhelming. 

At Lucky Farms, we’ve compiled a list of the best questions to ask your weed delivery service to help you get the best products. 

What Are Your Recommendations?

Weed delivery services are in the business of making recommendations. If you don’t ask what they would recommend, you’ll never know which products best fit your needs. 

After all, ordering marijuana home delivery can be overwhelming, and you want to know what’s right for you. Don’t be afraid to seek your weed delivery service’s advice on what will make you or your friends happy.

Which Products Do You Like?

This is a great question to ask pot delivery services. After all, what are the chances that they would recommend something that they don’t like themselves?

No matter what kind of product or strain you’re thinking about, you’re going to want to know whether your weed delivery service expert likes it or not. After all, they know their product better than anyone.

What Are Customers Buying?

Marijuana delivery services love talking about their customers’ favorite products. Not only does it show that you’re thinking about what your friends may want, but it is also a great way to get some ideas for yourself.

Budtenders should have a solid idea of what sells the most in their marijuana home deliveries and can give you tailored recommendations based on your needs.

How Potent Are Your Marijuana Products?

A product’s potency can make a big difference. There is a difference between a product with 10 percent THC and one that is 28 percent THC. 

Finding the ideal strength for your needs is essential to a positive weed experience. Your weed delivery service should work with you to find a marijuana product that will help you achieve the perfect high.

With just a few questions, you can find the right weed delivery service that will be there for you. 

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