5 Tips to Stay Productive While High

A lazy stereotype that has persisted over the years is about cannabis users being unable to be productive. Like many other myths and stereotypes, this attempt to characterize marijuana users as unproductive is simply not true. In fact, many users have been successful in creating a productive lifestyle that also features cannabis consumption. They’ve accomplished this by making the necessary adjustments and exhibiting the practices needed to succeed. If you’re someone who is still trying to find the right balance between productivity and marijuana use, here are five tips to do so.

Have an Honest Mindset

One of the keys to being a productive cannabis user is being honest with yourself. This entails knowing how much marijuana you can consume without it coming at the expense of productivity. Some can consume cannabis for hours and still manage to complete all of the work they have for the day. However, there are others who under similar circumstances would struggle to be productive. Because everyone experiences cannabis differently, it’s all about having the right mindset and being realistic with how much you can consume. Understanding your limits and adhering to them will help you find the balance between productivity and marijuana use.

Know Your Capabilities

On a similar note, being aware of your own capabilities is necessary for leading a productive lifestyle. There are certain tasks and activities that are just too difficult to perform when high. Discover what these tasks are and make sure to schedule your cannabis use after the conclusion of these activities. The last thing you want is for marijuana to be disrupting you from completing these tasks.

Build a Routine

Building a routine that revolves around using cannabis and working can help you accomplish both. Having a routine increases the likelihood of being productive because you’re forming habits and are adhering to a set schedule that you can follow on a daily basis. This leaves the guesswork out of it and makes it easier for you to find the right balance.

Keep Organized

Along with building a routine, it’s important to stay organized if you’re hoping to lead a productive lifestyle. From responsibilities at home to assignments from work, staying on top of it all while still making time for marijuana use can be difficult. That’s why using different tools to help remind you of what you need to get done is recommended. Things like calendars, schedules, phone apps, and other organizational tools can truly make a positive difference. 

 Reward Yourself

One way to motivate yourself to accomplish the tasks and assignments that you need to be done is to incentivize them. Reward yourself for completing different activities and goals with cannabis. Not only will it increase your drive to be productive, but it will also make your marijuana experiences more enjoyable because you’ll feel as though you’ve earned it. 

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How Cannabis Enhances the Musical Experience

Music and marijuana have always shared a deep connection with one another. Those who have ever attempted to mix cannabis consumption along with their music listening experience can attest to the benefits of doing so. Marijuana can make listening to music a deeper and richer experience for its users. But how exactly does this work and what is the science behind this effect? There exist various explanations as to how cannabis can enhance the musical experience.  

Increases Awareness

Through the use of cannabis, the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating various processes like mood, appetite, memory, and pain, is made more productive. This has an effect of increased awareness and focuses, which will allow users who are listening to music to begin noticing small details within the composition. Whether it’s a meaningful lyric that strikes a chord with you or a catchy instrumental in the background, cannabis can help music listeners to appreciate the small details that they previously may not have been paying attention to.  

Relaxes You

Marijuana products can give you a feeling of relaxation, allowing you to be able to kick back and enjoy the music that you’ve chosen to listen to. By releasing stress and calming you, it lets you solely focus on the current moment and what you’re hearing instead of any previous distractions that you may have had. This can enhance the enjoyment that a person gets out of listening to music.

Let You Feel the Music

The use of cannabis can have an effect on our senses and how our body processes information. Some marijuana users can even experience a form of minor synesthesia, otherwise known as a crossover in senses. This means that instead of hearing music, those who use marijuana can begin to feel it. Being able to feel music can lead to a truly memorable time that is unlike any other experience.

Helps You Process Better

According to some research, marijuana products have arguably helped us to better process what we’re listening to. This means that the use of cannabis allows us to perceive the lyrics that we’re hearing and the beat that goes along with it. Understanding the nuances of the song that you’re listening to can further your pleasure of listening to music.

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