How To Roll a Joint

Popular imagery of cannabis consumption usually involves a joint. That’s because rolling a joint is a timeless practice that both beginners and more experienced users partake in. While everybody has their own process, there are still fundamental steps that are necessary. For a better and easier experience, here’s a guide on how to roll a joint.

The Supplies

  • Your preferred choice of cannabis 
  • Cannabis grinder
  • Rolling paper
  • Optional: Small piece of cardboard and a pen

Step-By-Step Guide on Rolling a Joint

  • Grind your cannabis into smaller pieces using a grinder or another available tool like scissors. A grinder is preferable if you’re looking to avoid a possible mess. 
  • Make a filter by first getting a small thin piece of cardboard. Fold the piece of cardboard several times alternating so that you’re creating multiple layers. Then place it at the mouthpiece of your joint paper. While not necessary, this filter is helpful as it is meant to stop the grounded pieces of cannabis from falling out.
  • Load your joint paper with your ground cannabis. Around a half gram to a gram is usually the preferred amount. You want to make sure that there is even distribution throughout the paper. 
  • Roll the joint paper by first pinching the paper and turning it back and forth to ensure that the bud is evenly distributed. Tuck the non-sticky side of the paper into the joint and roll it up. Lastly, lick the sticky adhesive side of the paper and seal the joint with a roll that leaves room at the tip.
  • Finish forming your joint by using a pen or something similar to pack down the cannabis at the mouthpiece area. Twist the tip of the joint to seal it shut.
  • Light up your joint and enjoy.

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How To Pack & Smoke a Bowl of Weed

One of the most common and popular ways to consume cannabis is by smoking marijuana flower. If you’re just starting out it’s necessary to understand the proper steps of packing a bowl of cannabis so that you’re truly maximizing your experience. Here’s a guide on how to pack and smoke a bowl of weed so that your next experience is a smooth one. 

The Right Equipment

Before you begin smoking, you’re going to need the right equipment. Of the many devices associated with cannabis, pipes are a common choice for users. These pipes feature a circular bowl where you place your cannabis in. Cannabis pipes come in many different forms and it ultimately comes down to preference. If you’re just starting out, an inexpensive and reliable option is a spoon pipe. You will also need some sort of heating element. This can be a traditional lighter. 

A Step-By-Step Guide to Packing and Smoking Marijuana

  • Gather all of the supplies that you’ll be using during this process. You’ll need some weed, your pipe, a lighter, and a grinder.
  • Grind your weed up loosely. Be careful not to overdo it and finely ground it. It is possible to accomplish this task without a grinder, but using the tool makes the process easier. 
  • Place the ground up weed in your pipe bowl.
  • For better airflow, stuff a calyx or stem at the bottom of your bowl. You do this to stop pieces from passing through. Another technique you can employ is a top-heavy approach while placing your weed in the bowl. Place your weed more heavily and closely together at the top and lightly at the bottom. The weed at the top will maintain a burn when you are smoking. 
  • Find some sort of heating source like a lighter and hold the bowl up to the flame. Sit back, relax, and let the process play out. 

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