A Guide to Microdosing Cannabis

When people think of microdosing, they often associate it with hallucinogens like LSD. Through this method, users aim to get the practical benefits of the drug, like heightened mood and expanded focus, without having to deal with any significant downsides such as hallucinations. More recently, as cannabis has become legal and socially acceptable, marijuana users have increasingly begun microdosing in order to improve work performance or treat medical conditions. By utilizing the microdosing technique, Chino residents can enjoy the benefits of cannabis responsibly without experiencing psychoactive effects.

Feeling Better Without Getting High

Because the aim of microdosing is to get the therapeutic effects of weed without getting high, the precise dosage needed is the most difficult factor to nail down. There’s no universal recommended dosage since every person has a different metabolism and unique endocannabinoid system. What simply takes the edge off of stress for one person might leave another person fully stoned. Generally speaking, a typical starting microdose should be 2.5 milligrams of THC. The optimal dosage may be higher for those with more tolerance for marijuana, so slowly increase your dose with each session to pinpoint your perfect microdose.

Finding the Right Product

Knowing what dosage works for you is one thing, but actually achieving it is another. Edibles are a good option for microdosing since properly-made edibles can provide a more consistent amount of THC and are discreet enough to use in the workplace. We offer several different types of edibles through our marijuana delivery service, including candies, brownies, and cereal bars. Tinctures are also a great choice, as they are easy to carry and quickly deliver precise doses of THC to the user’s system. They can also be easily mixed into coffee or applied to lunch, making consumption a breeze. Smoking and vaping are still an option, but getting a proper dosage via these methods can be more difficult, and some employers still frown upon using these products at work. If you are interested in ordering a vape pen through our cannabis delivery service, start with taking just one or two puffs and carefully assessing how it makes you feel.

The key to microdosing is to take it slow. Remember, you’re aiming to take the edge off of your anxiety or pain, not to get high. To identify a good microdose, you should abstain from cannabis for a full day. This will reset your body’s tolerance to cannabis and make it easier to figure out what a good dose is for you. Start low, with a milligram or two, and give yourself a few days to gauge how your microdoses are affecting you before increasing your dosage. As with any other form of medication, focus on getting accurate and consistent doses, and keep track of how much you consume. Make sure that you’re using high-quality products from a trustworthy cannabis delivery source like Lucky Farms. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, if you plan to microdose at work, make sure you know the rules of your workplace concerning usage. We don’t advise microdosing in any capacity if cannabis is banned at your workplace or if your duties require you to be substance-free.

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The Main Differences Between Smoking & Edibles

When it comes to using marijuana, two of the most popular methods that Corona residents consider are smoking and consuming edibles. We offer both through our cannabis delivery service, but it’s important to know the differences between the two when you’re placing your marijuana delivery order. Whether you’re considering switching to a new method of consumption or you’re new to the world of cannabis altogether, here are the main differences between smoking and edibles that you should be aware of.

Absorption and Effects

The most obvious difference between smoking weed or consuming an edible is the method and rate of absorption. When you smoke marijuana, the THC is inhaled and therefore travels directly to your brain. This creates a much quicker but weaker high, with most people experiencing initial effects after 10 to 20 minutes and enjoying a peak high of roughly one to two hours. When you consume marijuana through an edible, however, the THC is metabolized by the liver into 11-hydroxy-THC. This metabolite takes much longer to have any effectusually between 30 minutes to two hours. Once it does take effect, however, edibles usually create a stronger high that lasts for much longer than inhaled cannabis. A peak high from edibles can last anywhere from two to five hours and it can take between seven to twelve hours for you to come down entirely. 

Less Dosing Control With Edibles

One factor to consider with homemade edibles is that it is more difficult to gauge how potent they are. When smoking, you can gradually increase the dosage as you go, making sure that you reach the high you’re after. With a homemade edible, however, the THC may not be evenly distributed inside the edible, meaning one bite might affect you more strongly than the other. At Lucky Farms, we always make sure that our cannabis delivery service’s edibles have a measured amount of THC in them. However, the simple truth is that every person’s metabolism is different. This is why it’s so important to take it slow with edibles and wait to feel the effects before consuming more and taking another dose. 

Health Benefits

While cannabis has become increasingly destigmatized over the years, there are those that still don’t feel comfortable with smoking any substance. Additionally, people with respiratory issues such as asthma might be interested in the potential health benefits of cannabis but worry that smoking could agitate their system. Because edibles are consumed and processed in the digestive tract, they’re a great option for those who don’t feel comfortable with inhaling a substance. They also provide longer-lasting effects, making them ideal for people who are attempting to treat conditions like chronic pain and anxiety.

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